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At Malou Ploeg Photography we value quality over quantity. 

“The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things in words.”

– Elliott Erwitt –

since 2021

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“Horses can’t talk. But they can speak if you listen.”

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About Me

My name is Malou Ploeg and I am a 30 year old equine photographer. As a child I was already crazy about horses. And photography also became a big hobby of mine. After my equine studies I started studying photography. I have managed to bring these two studies together nicely in my current profession as an equine photographer. I do this with great passion and pleasure.

I am a driven, enthusiastic and enterprising young woman. I am very practical and creative. Always looking for a challenge and I like to be inspired. My work arises from orders from the customer. At the same time, I also like to let my own creativity run free by working out my own ideas. In my past I have noticed that diversity is very important to me. That’s why I would like to keep equine photography broad. I do this by using my own style and staying unique in this. My creativity allows me to turn every photo into a unique work of art. I like to be inspired by the ideas of my clients and I am therefore very open-minded. I work with respect and enthusiasm. It is important to me that you as a customer feel comfortable with me.

Are you tired of staring at that eternal blank wall? Then opt for a unique, pleasant experience in which we together provide input to a beautiful work of art to fill that wall. Are you attracted to my style and would you like to discover this experience? Do not hesitate any longer and contact me without obligation to discuss new creations!